2024 Chemistry Theory | English Medium [February] - By Dr.Geeth Hewavitharana

Starting Inorganic Chemistry Theory Unit 06 Advanced Level Chemistry Theory 2024. Join the fastest-growing English medium chemistry class in Sri Lanka.

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Day 01 (S Block Inorganic Chemistry) (6/2/2023)
Day 02 (S Block Inorganic Chemistry) (13/2/2023)
Day 03 (20/7/2023)
Major Short Note Explanation Begins
Day 04 (27/2/2023)
S Block Section 1
S Block Section 2
S Block Past Paper Questions
Thermal Decomposition
Inorganic Major Short Note


2024 Advanced Level chemistry theory classes conducted by Dr Geeth Hewavitharana. 

Starting Inorganic Chemistry Theory Unit 06

Class Schedule

Every Monday - 3:30 pm onwards

Q: What content will I cover in the Chemistry Theory 2024 Class?

You will complete all the necessary theory coursework for your final exam sitting

Q: How does the process work?

Classes will be conducted virtually using zoom meetings. The class will be managed with a two-way friendly approach where you can ask for any doubts as well. In case you are unable to attend the live class you can access the class recordings for free.

Q: Will the recordings expire?

Of course not! We understand you don’t have enough time to view all recordings in a month, so you can access the recordings whenever you want until you are completed with your exams.

All the live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the course after each live session. 

Q: What are the extra benefits of enrolling in the class?

  • Dr. Geeth is a skilled teacher who has 8 years of teaching experience in Chemistry and is well equipped to offer the best quality support
  • Get your doubts clarified easily in the live class
  • You can post doubts on the WhatsApp group to be clarified by the teacher
  • Unlimited access to the previously recorded classes in case you missed them
  • Assistive technical team support to help you out

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Do you know only 3000 students sitting for the advanced level from the   English  Medium stream for a year. Out of that 3000, only around 150-250 students achieve an A pass for chemistry. The majority of them fail the subject. Therefore this is a highly competitive exam than O/Level. First day onward students must be trained to live within the advanced level frame. Once they are perfectly guided it is extremely easy to obtain higher results.


Few points about the lecturer.....


*8 years of experience

*98 A and 63 B passes in the last three years

*100% pass percentage up to date

*Currently reading his Doctorate (Ph.D.) at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and his interest is in Higher Food Chemistry and developing mitigation techniques for Trans Fatty Acids which directly affect the blood cholesterol level.

*Therefore your lecturer is a master of chemistry subject who practically applying the theories of higher chemistry for his Research Investigations. Visit;



*Since he joined AceAcademy last year 4500+ total student enrollments can be seen due to his unique lecturing abilities. You can read the comments of our few students in the Review Section as well as you can watch some free recordings as well. Visit;



*During last few years his free youtube sessions for English medium students were really helpful and had not hesitated to publish the full time videos to the channel. Visit; 



*Undoubtedly he will use the New syllabus resource book for the teaching and past paper questions during the theory class for the lecturing since he has also participated as a proofreader of the Chemistry Resource Book under the guidance of the Professors of Chemistry paper panel.


Download your syllabus 5 Resource Books (Altogether 14 units) and some papers from the below link (Official Paper cite of Ace Academy)