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How Ace Academy Works

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Everything Down To Three Simple Steps


First find the class that fits your learning style. Start by finding a tutor


Before joining, you can find out if the tutor is for you by watching their free preview classes. Every one of our tutors has one


If you feel the tutor is perfect. The rest is simple. Simply add the class to your cart and checkout


Our Features



We have made it easy to stream recordings right from the comfort of our site. Further, you can watch them at any time with no restrictions at all



You can make purchases with ease. You simply need to upload a proof of payment of your bank transfer and that's it



We've made it possible for you to view all recordings and resources of a class with absolute ease. Everything is only a few clicks away



All class notes are available in a digital compatible way for viewing and downloading at any time. We do not restrict them in any way


Live Sessions

Join our live sessions powered by ZOOM and experience our tutors first hand

What Students Say About Us

Keyara Sachini

This is really an amazing service that you provide to all students

Abdullah Sherifu

The best Online Education Platform which has the best and most needed tutors in the country

Hashini Handapangoda

This is the most helpful and amazing platform I've come across

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