Sulaiman Nawaz

Advanced level | Physics | English Medium



Distinguished Advanced Level Physics Tutor

Introduction: With over six years of dedicated teaching experience, I am honored to introduce myself as a seasoned educator specializing in Advanced Level Physics. My commitment to fostering an engaging and comprehensive learning environment, both in online and physical settings, has consistently yielded outstanding results.

Professional Experience: I take immense pride in my journey as an Advanced Level Physics tutor. Throughout my career, I have imparted knowledge and nurtured the intellectual growth of countless students, enabling them to achieve their academic goals. My teaching philosophy centers on making complex concepts accessible, fostering critical thinking skills, and instilling a genuine passion for the subject matter.

My current role as a Physics lecturer at Shakthi Institute Bambalapitiya allows me to contribute to the success of English medium Advanced Level students. My dedication to providing high-quality education extends beyond the classroom, as I consistently seek innovative teaching methodologies to enrich the learning experience.

Achievements: My commitment to excellence in teaching is evident through the consistently impressive results achieved by my students. Many of my past students have not only excelled in their Advanced Level Physics examinations but have also gone on to pursue careers in prestigious institutions, a testament to the strong educational foundation I provide.

Education: I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the esteemed University of Moratuwa. My academic background in engineering enhances my ability to provide practical insights and real-world applications of physics concepts, making learning more meaningful for my students.

Conclusion: As an Advanced Level Physics tutor, my unwavering dedication to my students' success, coupled with my extensive experience, sets me apart in the field of education. I am passionate about equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel academically and beyond. If you are seeking a tutor who is committed to your success, I invite you to join me on this educational journey towards excellence. Together, we can

unlock the full potential of your academic aspirations in the world of Advanced Level Physics.