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I had the privilege of being taught AL Physics by Mr.Geethan and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional educator who has made a profound impact on my understanding and love for the subject. One of the most outstanding qualities of him is his ability to understand the individual needs of the students and teach accordingly. His teaching style is engaging and interactive, encouraging us to ask questions, participate in discussions. Mr. Geethan is an exceptional physics teacher whose passion, expertise, and unwavering support have made a lasting impact on my academic journey.------------------------- Faculty of medicine (UOC) AL 2017 - Island Rank 132


Geethan sir taught me during the last couple of months before the exam .He made the theory easy to understand .Clear and concise. He discussed all the doubts we had in the past papers from 1990 onwards.He provided us with many past papers, tutorials and test papers and guided us in the right direction to prepare for the exam . He was patient and was always willing to help in any difficult areas we had. I highly recommend him for anyone interested in learning physics .

Dulanga Fernando

I started Geethan Sir's physics class along with a couple of friends during the early part of 2019. Little did we know back then that he would be one of the determining factors that would shape the paths that each of us would take. He not only has a friendly yet effective method of teaching but also he has an amazing ability to motivate us as a whole to pass our exams as well as help us nurture qualities which would help us in the years to come. His guidance helped me achieve the rank of Island 6th by obtaining 3A's with an Z score of 2.977 at the 2020 A/L exams. As a result, at present, I am studying as a 2nd year medical student at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. I am eternally grateful to Geethan sir for guiding me throughout this period and would invite you to give him a chance to guide you in the path of A/L physics while helping you excel in the subject of ''life'' itself.

Kaushika Hemachandra

Geethan sir is one of the most dedicated teacher whom we can trust to all extent for physics.he has the capabilities to produce 'A's if you entrust him🖤

Hamna Shamaz

When I was stating the classes with Geethan Sir as my Physics mentor I thought that I was great upto some extent in Physics. But when I continue the classes it came the feeling that all above was just the standards set by myself and does not meet the actual standards to survive in the Advanced level career. Sir guided me with every theories and practicals in the Syllabus and it was very easy for me to understand them in the way sir explains. The in class assessments was a perfect go for me. After successful journey with sir I got a highly satisfied Z score and got selected for Bsc Hons in Applied Chemistry degree offered by University of Kelaniya. Highly recommend Geethan Sir not only as a Physics teacher but as a well guiding Physics mentor. ---M. G. Hasitha Ransara, Nalanda College Colombo---

M. G. Hasitha Ransara

Sir has a well organized method of completing past papers which helped me to develop my time management and the approach. This paper discussion is very effective as he reminds certain theory parts while elaborating the past paper mcqs , which helped us to have a better understanding .

Jithara Warnakulasuriya

The best physics sir that I have ever met, with amazing teaching skills, and correct path guidance throughout the journey big thanks for making the ''hardest subject'' less stressful sir.

Yalindi Gamage

I went to Geethan sir for physics lessons without realising how he was going to change my life. His guidance and training is what made me achieve. Even though he thought me only physics his methods and motivation helped me score well in other subjects as well. Today I'm studying in Faculty of medicine University of kelaniya after getting 3As and I still benefit from his methodology and mindset. I'm very grateful and I hope that many other students get the chance to excel through his guidance

Matheeshi Bharaneeswaran

Geethan sir teaches in a very student friendly manner, making difficult topics and theories a lot easier to understand. Apart from past papers, we answered model paper questions as well as questions from sir's tutes. Sirs past paper program was very well organised and we discussed past paper questions from 1990 onwards, which made us familiar with the types of questions being asked in the upcoming papers. Sir motivated us and gave us the confidence to answer our A level paper and that's why i would highly recommend geethan sir.

Senaya Mohotty

Sir Geethan is an excellent tutor who is positive, reliable and patient. Sir was the reason that I started liking Physics subject. Sir explained the theories well and prepared many miscellaneous exercises, which were very helpful with my exams. Even during the period of A/L exams, sir was with us, guiding and motivating.

Asfa Thahani

I first went for Geethan sir’s classes to get some lessons covered but later continued his classes till the end of my exams just because he was the best physics tutor I met during my A levels. His theory was easy to grasp and he made sure to get the lessons done as quickly as possible. Then he would make us do all the past papers from the year 1990 as well as other chosen questions from books. Once these were done, we were well and truly ready to face any question from the particular lesson. He was patient when dealing with our weaknesses and he made sure that we were mentally ready for the big exam when it came. Now I am currently studying at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sri Jayawardenapura. I highly recommend sir to anyone interested and do make sure to get the best out him.

Samud Dulshan

Geethan Kalambaarachchi is a highly skilled educator with a bachelor’s degree in Science from Engineering Faculty, University of Moratuwa. He has over 10 years of experience tutoring students in English Medium Advanced Level Physics. Mr. Geethan as a solid understanding of all learning styles as well as is familiar with using synchronous online education tools for various tutoring needs.